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Listing, Booking Terms

28th February 2019 by admin

How it works

You have a Friend in Vacation Accommodation

Here’s how we’re helping our Hosts feel confident in welcoming Guests:

  • We don’t charge Guests
  • Listing with us is free
  • We don’t require booking fees, you have alternative options.
  • Option 1. We ask a donation of +/_ 10% admin booking fee, no VAT, calculated on every successfully processed booking. It’s your choice to whether you want to make a donation or not.
  • Option 2. Hosts can opt to donate +/- 500 ZAR / 40 USD annually and then everything else is free. No Booking or Guest fees. In addition  we will provide you with a free Want2Stay email address, for example
  • It’s your place, your rules – Your Choose your Prices, Policies, and Rules for Guests
  • We’ve got your back – Access to 24/7 support and guest misconduct reporting
  • Find your perfect match – Set requirements and criteria guests must fulfill
  • BEST of All! You can use your listing’s link to advertise across social media, because you do not pay booking fees. And, if give your posts credibility! Amazing!

How it works

Open and close your property when you want
We give you the freedom to open or close your property on our site whenever you want. With no lock-in contracts, you’re in control of your property.
You control your availability
Only accept guests during the summer or maybe just weekends, at you decide when you want guests.
We don’t charge guests
We don’t add anything onto the price. Unlike other platforms which often charge guests, the price you set is the price we display.
Use Want2Stay alongside other platforms
Using Want2Stay alongside your other relationships is not a problem. With our simple calendar you can manage your availability in parallel to your existing relationships.
Team: Want2Stay
You have a friend in Vacation Accommodation
We work and live on donations only